Ecolicious GLOSSY Gloss Enhancing Coat Tonic

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Get your horse’s coat glistening with our Gloss Enhancing Coat Tonic with subtle shimmer. Naturally.

Our GLOSSY is packed full of nourishing essential fatty acids & vitamin E from Organic Hemp Oil that penetrate deep into the coat hair (we’re talking the GOOD FATS here) and are readily absorbed  for the ultimate show sheen. It conditions, nourishes, moisturizes & adds gloss.

The conditioning properties of Silk Powder, Sunflower Extract and Panthenol boost the coat colour.  Mica splits into very thin reflective pieces to catch light, adding a delicate shimmer.

The combo of Tea Tree Essential Oil, known for promoting healthy skin, and
Sweet Orange Essential Oil, with it’s delightful and cheerful scent, keep it smelling like summer holidays and fun in the sun anytime of the year. #aromatherapy

And like all our products, it is made with human grade ingredients, because we only believe in the best for you and your horse.

Silicone free and non-slippery finish.

#100%natural #parabenfree #artificialfragrancefree #siliconefree #phtalatefree #GMOfree #crueltyfree


Shake well before use & through out use or Mica Mineral will plug the sprayer nozzle. Mist your horse’s coat. Smooth with your palms or a rag for a more dramatic effect.

Packaged in 100% recycled plastic.

472 ml (16 FL OZ)