Ecolicious Comfort Me Moisturizing Skin Balm

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Does your horse’s skin need some extra moisture, some TLC?

This skin balm is formulated with highest-quality natural ingredients to keep your horse’s skin looking and feeling its best. We’ve mixed Green Tea infusion with  ultra-hydrating Cocoa Butter, Organic Hemp Oil, and Beeswax, and blended them with nature’s  soothing powerhouses for healthy skin – Honeysuckle Extract & Myrrh Extract, Allantoin and essential oils. Zinc Oxide helps to create a protective barrier.

Lavender Essential Oil is not only healing, it is also known in aromatherapy for comforting and calming a frazzled mind, so go ahead, give your horse sniff. He will enjoy it! #aromatherapy

And like all our products, it is made with human grade ingredients, because we only believe in the best for you and your horse.

#100%natural #parabenfree #artificialfragrancefree #siliconefree #phtalatefree #GMOfree #crueltyfree #biodegradable

236 ml (8 fl oz)