Horseware Ireland Therapies: Making life better for horses and riders.

At Horseware Ireland, we focus on making the best for you and your horse. Our Therapy lines, Ice-Vibe®, Sportz-vibe® & Rambo® Ionic, are made to do just that. Use before competition or exercise to help prevent injury and after to speed recovery. We have you and your horse in mind.


Rambo® Ionic® Cotton Sheet

As soon as I run his splint boots come off and the Ice Vibes go on. You turn them on and you walk off and you water him, you brush him and you cool the rest of his body down while his legs are being taken care of properly.

Mary Walker
Rambo® Ionic® Cotton Sheet

For us the Sportz-Vibe is very important…We use it everyday for most of the horses. We use it here at home in the stable, we use it on the competition. We love it, the horses love it, so, all good.

Faye Fullgraebe, physiotherapist for Michael Jung’s Stable


April 18, 2020 — Bold Commerce Collaborator